Deck Construction in Augusta

When the summer season hits in Augusta, there is nothing more fun than sitting back, relaxing and spending time with friends and family in the comfort of a well-constructed deck. An ideal location for barbecues, birthday parties or just plain old people-watching, a sturdy and stable wooden deck can add value to your home while also catering to your guests needs during the most fun time of year. If you are looking to add a deck to your home or simply want to renovate an existing one, then you need to invest in a carpentry team you can rely on. Master Craftsman is that team.

Three Most Popular Types of Wood Decks

Like anything in life, we at Master Craftsman are firm believers in individuality. It is for this reason that we commit to providing a wide range of decking options for all our Augusta clients. So, depending on your unique individual circumstances, we can create a deck that will meet all your needs. Three of the most popular types of decking that we offer are as follows:

Cedar Decking

 The benefits of cedar decking are clear to see. If you want a wood deck that gives your home or business the appearance of a natural wooded finish, and one that looks just like what you imagined, then this is the option for you. On average, our carpenters suggest that a cedar deck will last anywhere between fifteen to twenty years. However, it is possible that it might deteriorate quicker if exposed to excessive rain or if located on ground level. The disadvantage of cedar decking is maintenance. Unlike other more durable options, this type of decking needs to be maintained regularly.

Pressure-Treated Decking

If value for your money is your number one priority, then a pressure-treated deck would be perfect for you. It’s stainable, strong enough to withstand most abuse and for us, comes with a guaranteed warranty. One of the drawbacks of this type of deck is that the wood can occasionally shrink and become unsightly if it is not treated correctly. That is why if you select this option for your family home or Augusta business, it makes sense to go for a premium option.

Composite Decking

If you want a decking that requires almost zero maintenance, then the composite decking option is the choice for you. Made from a combination of recycled plastic, wood chippings and sawdust, this medley of different materials creates a strong and stable deck that will not be easily tarnished. For those less inclined to maintain their deck, this is the perfect option as it only requires a simple hose-down. One drawback for this type of decking is that it is a little more expensive and may not be as esthetically pleasing as the two other options.